Cohn Communications

Cohn Communications started out as a sole proprietorship in 1981. It's purpose was to market C-Band satellite receiver systems to local consumers.
After several years of declining sales in the mid 1980's, I have stopped actively marketing C-Band equipment.

What do I now offer in 2008?

  1. I offer free web sites services like my e-type-lovers

  2. I offer support for open source software and applications like Linux, PHP, Perl, Mailman, Apache, Majordomo, etc.

  3. I offer support if you would like to incorporate Adobe Flash players or content into your current web site.

  4. I am available locally in Tucson, AZ for personal support of PC's, network configuration, or cabling and new installs.

  5. I am also available if you need someone with over 30 years of technical experience in telecom systems, primarily from Nortel Networks.
    I have supported Nortel systems from the smallest Norstar 3X8 KSU to multiple 81C's with nearly 10,000 lines of service.

  6. I am available for configuriation and setup of Asterisk VOIP servers and applications.

  7. I also teach computer science classes as adjunct faculty for Pima Community College.